Homebirth VBAC is without a doubt the pinnacle of birthing success … your pride of accomplishment. Homebirth VBAC also shows doubters that they are safe. You’re pregnant now either firm in your choice or considering a VBAC homebirth. You sit within this decision either attempting a vaginal birth after a cesarean after one previous c-section delivery or a number of them. While your own situation is front and center to your life, we want to invite you to step into our commonality and put your individuality aside for a few moments.

We have skills. Others have information

Our New Zealand Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge, is NOT in the business to give you the same old information about homebirth VBAC you can get elsewhere. We’re in the business (all proceeds from the sale of Birthing Better resources returns to our not-for-profit) to get you the skills that Birthing Better families develop that led to a successful vaginal birth after your previous Caesareans.

That’s right. We are in the business of growing a skilled birthing population for absolutely ALL births no matter where the birth takes place, who is present or what happens to or around the birthing woman. Our skills were developed by families who valued their own baby’s birth!

  • Every single family deeply desires a positive birth experience. Full stop!
  • Everyone wants a safe birth for you and your baby. Full stop!
  • Everyone wants the birthing woman to cope well with the natural occurring pain of labor contractions. Full stop!
  • Everyone wants an attending father/other as birth coach to feel confident, involved, capable and effectively engaged. Full stop.

These goals led to all the Birthing Better skills. Then add this reality of the 1970s when these skills were developing. These skills were developed at a time when families were seeking a VBAC after the old type of surgical birth … classical cesarean. Having a vaginal birth after such major surgery was significantly more dangerous to both the mother and baby then what you are faced. This means all the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills are incredibly real and effective.

Close your eyes and guess

We just use the word ‘skills’ as though YOU know what we’re talking about. Take a moment to write down a list of 5 skills you should use to prepare your pregnant body to give birth and 5 skills you should use throughout your baby’s birth and 5 skills your partner should have to really help you.

Then peek inside the lessons to our VBAC online birthing class

Are the Birthing Better skills the same, sort of similar or quite different from the ones you wrote down?

Don’t be naive

Look, you’re only thinking about your own birth which is normal. But in reality, you exist within the larger context of childbirth today! You will either be a positive statistic and achieve your homebirth VBAC or you’re going to belong to that other statistical group … those who end up in hospital (either you end up with a vaginal birth or another c-section).

What do Birthing Better families really want to give you?

  1. The skills to increase your chances to achieve your VBAC at home. This is your goal and what you want to happen.
  2. Skills to use no matter how your birth really unfolds. You might experience a very different reality as your birth unfolds however, you can always achieve an empowered birth with Birthing Better skills. Full stop! Guaranteed!

Birthing Better families give you a realistic broad set of skills for both you and your partner/other.

There’s a secret

You cannot rub these skills on your body and be successful. You have to treat your coming birth just like your Olympic Event. If you learn and practice Birthing Better skills then use them you will excel as you ‘do’ this amazing activity!

We’ve kept doing what we’ve been doing because of people like yourself!

Birthing Better works with everything else you’re doing and will fill in some gaps not found elsewhere.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better VBAC online birth class is housed in Common Knowledge Trust.