Is Childbirth Safe?

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Is Childbirth Safe?

The discussions and debates about childbirth have left most of us confused. Is childbirth safe or not? We want a firm answer and one we can rely on. Are Obstetricians safer than midwives? Are home births safer than hospital birth? Is a natural birth safer than a medical birth? Sadly or fortunately there is no answer to this question except to say that childbirth is both safe and unsafe. So what does this mean?

Presently it means that expectant parents rush to have medical births because they fear for the safety of their child. And this leads to at least one problem … 1/3 of mothers-to-be are having major abdominal surgery under the implication that either they or their baby would die or be injured without it. This means we have a health crisis. Childbirth is now no longer something pregnant women and babies can do. Fear leads the way and reality underlies the fear.

Childbirth is unsafe

There is no way to know what your birth will be like. Health problems can exist in the mother and baby. Unexpected issues can arise … often unforeseen.

Here’s another reality … you or your baby are more likely to die at any other time in your life then when giving birth or being born. Check our your countries Vital Statistics.

Childbirth is safe

There is no doubt that childbirth must be reasonably safe or why would we have the huge population we do now? And Vital Statistics back this up.

But there’s a hitch. If something happens to you or your baby then childbirth was not safe but if you or your child was killed or injured in a car accident does that making driving unsafe? Hum … something to think about.

Childbirth pain

Many pregnant women worldwide want an elective Cesarean because they don’t like the pain of labor contractions and they fear those. Yet, labor pains are not connected to ‘problems’ that make childbirth unsafe and you need to ask your midwife or Obstetrician what ‘problem’ might be connected to that pain. You’ll discover … it’s natural pain, productive pain, opens the cervix pain and goes away when you’re pushing pain.

This is where Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills come in. So here are some questions:

  1. If you knew that the birth of your baby was risky would you rather go into that experience skilled or unskilled?
  2. If you are afraid of childbirth labor pains would you rather have skills to deal with them (and have your birth partner also have skills) or go in unskilled?
  3. If you could use birth and birth coaching skills in labor and a vaginal birth; in labor and during an emergency Cesarean and for a non-laboring Cesarean would you like that?
  4. Can you see that being skilled would make you feel better and behave more confidently even if unpleasant things might happen?
  5. Can you see that being skilled would make you feel better and behave more confidently when having a good birth?

It’s your choice as a mother-to-be and father-to-be/other if you become a skilled birthing family. We hope you make that choice.

Birthing Better Childbirth skills have been developed by hundreds of mothers and fathers and our online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.