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This live FB is going to address those comments AND to discuss the phrase ‘As soon as you notice these symptoms’,

Is Gargling With Warm Slightly Salty Water Fake News?

Our New Zealand NGO, Common Knowledge Trust, posted the ‘When-to/How-to’ on a Facebook Group and some people were outraged.

With the usual rude outrage too often experienced in social media, there were comments like: ‘This is a natural health scam’ or ‘This will kill people just wash your hands and self-isolate’ or ‘It’s not going to cure people’ and ‘Why if this works aren’t doctors telling us to do it?

You don’t have to listen to my yak-yak. You DO need to listen to the 4:00 minute audio, copy it, send it to everyone and take action with these simple steps. You’ll fully understand just as I did.

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