All the data from this 2-year training will be freely available to NZCOM and other researchers. Common Knowledge Trust to be referenced.

We are training midwife participants in a specific way to explain to their clients how we can implement our New Zealand Midwifery Partnership in equally, yet different skills-based role, responsibilities and tasks.

Exploration of multiple skills-methods at the same time is essential because every woman in our present ‘Choice-based’ Partnership should be able to ‘choose’ a system that suits her best.

This training will produce specific data over the 2 years.

  • How effectively midwives give the protocol script to clients
  • Percent of families who observably respond to the protocol script over the 2 year period
    • Eagerly
    • Willing and compliant
    • Resistant but persuadable
    • Stubbornly resistant
  • Effective notations on each woman’s chart that references which skills learned
  • Subjective observations of skills used by mothers and fathers throughout the birth of each baby
  • Subjective use of praise or encouragement in each birth
  • Identification of effectiveness of the specific skills-methods
  • Debrief Birth Stories about ‘choices’ and ‘skills’
  • Other


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