If you have any questions about this training, please contact Wintergreen(AT)birthingbetter.org or text 0223551131. Our Trust wants every participating midwife to feel comfortable and certain about this amazing opportunity and transformative journey.

Common Knowledge Trust is fully aware this NZ midwife 2-year training may be met with some confusion, perhaps resistance yet hopefully with keen interest. While this collaborative project may seem to totally come out-of-the-blue to NZ midwives,  it’s been years in development by Common Knowledge Trust.

Common Knowledge Trust has spent the years since Wintergreen immigrated to New Zealand in 1995 trying to find an effective manner to bring forward The Concept … that it should be normal and natural that all expectant mothers and fathers-to-be/others self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills and use those skills to birth their baby in all circumstances.

You are welcome to enroll during this time frame. Common Knowledge Trust commits to fully supporting participating midwives during this rolling enrolment and training.


Please click on the link below so you understand our Trust is asking an ‘administrative’ monthly koha for this training, that ALL proceeds do return to our registered New Zealand Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge, CC24400 (NZ Charities Commission).

Our Westpac Nelson account for Common Knowledge is 03 0693 0101786 00. An automatic payment should be set up once you’re committed to this personal and societal journey.


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