Common Knowledge Trust wants to make this training cost-effective to all participating midwives. The Koha will go toward administrative costs. Is your Koha worthwhile?

The Big Question: ‘Do skills have a positive impact on birth?’  That’s exciting, so easy and enjoyable to investigate because

The Big Answer: Brant’s formal research study and Andrea’s informal and evolving practice-based evidence show us a high probability of success.

Keep in mind:

    • All the data collected will be freely available to NZCOM and other researchers. Your notes are important! We learn together.
    • Common Knowledge Trust and the Director, Wintergreen, will give 24/7 continuity of care to all participating midwives.  Wintergreen has 45 years of extensive expertise in growing a skilled birthing population.
    • Common Knowledge Trust hopes Andrea will also participate as a midwife mentor. Reach out to her. pelorusmidwifery(AT) Twist her arm, beg, plead. She’s sitting on the fence because she’s given so many presentations over the years.
    • Invite your clients to teach you what skills they’ve learned then praise, encourage and work with them.

Midwife Koha

The monthly koha will be set up as an automatic payment to Common Knowledge Trust. We will provide bank details once you’ve registered to participate.

  • $30/month for midwives entering new practice through their fourth year … The first four years of a midwife’s profession is life-transforming. It’s exciting, challenging and often requires lots of support. There are midwife mentors who give collegial support. Common Knowledge Trust is offering another type of support … how to start off early in your practice to inspire your clients to become skilled and strengthen your partnership relationship.

If you find your individual practice is enriched then you get to lead the way from one childbirth trend to another one.

  • $40/month for midwives in practice from 4-7 years … This group of midwives is at the highest risk of leaving the profession. The excitement has worn off, the reality has set in. There are moments of inspiration and just lots of work, work, work. Perhaps Co-funding and an increase in locum midwives will make everything better.

Participating in this project takes a more pro-active and personal approach to strengthen your partnership. You are actually asking your partner/woman to take a more common-sense approach to their own pregnancy/birth … to become skilled. Working alongside skilled families is refreshing and inspirational.

  • $50/month for midwives in practice 7+years – You are in for the long haul. You have a strong belief in your profession and foundational philosophy. Your personal autonomous practice is well established. You’ve settled into the dynamic life as a midwife. The reasons for participating may be skepticism, curiosity or taking on a challenge.

Wintergreen’s 40+ years working with midwives to get more clients to become skilled has remarkable results.

  • Gone are the days when your family and health get put on the back burner
  • You’ll have more personal time
  • Your clients will feel more confident in themselves
  • You’ll experience a more balanced and stronger Partnership


  • Your KOHA returns to our not-for-profit Charitable Trust and our sustained, 24/7 continuity of care support to all participating midwives.
  • Common Knowledge Trust is located in Nelson and been registered through the Companies Office since 1996 and transferred to the NZ Charities Commission in 2008 (I think that’s the date). Please refer to CC24400 if you seek further information about our Trust.
  • Once you are committed to this training, please set up a monthly automatic payment to Common Knowledge Trust via Westpac. Account number 03 0693 0101786 00

If you decide to stop

Your participation is for you, your profession and our New Zealand society’s future stronger and more balanced Midwifery Partnership that works alongside a skilled birthing population for all births without exception.

The script is available and free to all midwives and families (they can modify the script so it’s from the voice of an expectant mother and father/other). Using the script does NOT require participation in the 2-year training. However, our Trust cannot give support to those folks.

Our Trust is committed to training midwives to engage our Kiwi families more pro-actively as has occurred in areas of general medicine such as diabetes, heart conditions and obesity. Gone are the days when diet, lifestyle, exercise, and stress-reduction were considered silly and useless. Now health professionals expect people with those conditions to develop skills. Gone are the days when an injury healed as best as it could. Now you’re expected to become skilled in your own rehabilitation.

The good news for getting families to become skilled is based around something so simple we ignore it. Pregnancy and Birth are one-off, singular and Time-limited. Lifestyle can play a part but becoming skilled takes no more than 16 weeks, spending between 5-20 minutes every day or so then using skills to work through the birth journey every mother takes with her baby. It is SO easy to convince women and men to self-learn skills!

If you decide to stop then that is your decision. We hope you won’t. You’ll be the new leaders to share with your colleagues and the new midwives coming up every year. This shift occurs because of you.

The reason our Trust is giving you 24/7 continuity of care support is to help you over the glitches, hurdles, frustrations, and uncertainties that are bound to crop up as you put in place something new. Give everyone a copy of the 9 page Brant Study to inspire them!

The cost is minimal, the effort tiny but significant, the rewards quick and big.

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