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We hope during this 2-year training, you will collect interviews. Hearing directly from mothers/fathers/others about the personal benefit of using skills helps strengthen the societal expectation, health promotion and shared public health message that it’s normal and natural to self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills when you’re pregnant, then use your skills to do the Activity of birthing your baby.

Yes, Andrea directed her clients to use The Pink Kit now known as Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation just as Grantly Dick-Read was used in the 1961 NZ Brant childbirth study. The interviews are families who used Birthing Better.

Birthing Better is just one of the various skills-methods on the hand-out midwife participants will give their clients.

As more of your clients become skilled, do some interviews with them. You’ll hear the depth of the interviews and can use any of the questions in your own practice.

The below YouTube interviews were originally audio recordings between 2000-2008. These families either worked with Edition #1 (half the Birthing Better skills) or Edition #2 (all the skills but still not clearly ordered). In other words, the least user-friendly resources.

Presently Birthing Better courses are now online lessons, well-ordered lessons and easy to use in the privacy of one’s own home.

Statistics are cold

Birth Stories can be very emotional. The benefit of skills is often explained by families very pragmatically, that’s why skills work so well. You’ll hear this same pragmatism no matter what skills-methods a family learns and uses as explained in the Brant Study as well.

Why? Using skills requires the thinking brain to choose to apply skills at any moment. This conscious choice is a form of Mindfulness.

  • We are aware
  • We choose what skill would work best at any moment
  • We apply the skill we think will work
  • We are aware whether the skill chosen is working well or needs to adapt and change

In 20 years as a midwife, Andrea had been exposed to various different skills-methods. She focused on Birthing Better because:

  • Fathers and mothers developed all the skills
  • Designed to be self-learned by each family in the privacy of their own homes
  • Beneficial for all births without exception
  • Skills that were extensive because breathing and relaxation skills were found not to be sufficient
  • All the skills evolved to be adaptable, adjustable and sustainable

These extensive interviews are based on a willingness of Andrea’s clients to participate in our very first investigation of how New Zealanders would take to The Concept that they should self-learn, practice and use skills.

Andrea did praise and also encourage. Her Partnership quickly began to balance.

Both fathers and mothers explain the importance of becoming skilled.

Helen and Darren 10 videos

Sarah and Dan 19 videos

Gary and Heather 10 videos

Short Birthing Better testimonials 20 videos

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