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Doctors say older pregnant women have more trouble giving birth. Is that one of your concerns? You can have lots of concerns in reality particularly if this is your first pregnancy and you’re older. The Director of Common Knowledge Trust that produces Birthing Better online birth classes was 39 when she gave birth so she understands what you’re going through. It’s like we’re relics but is that accurate? Are we just over the hill and headed for a disaster?

Older pregnant mothers-to-be can have wonderful childbirth experiences … guaranteed! Join our Birthing Better family, prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body, learn, practice and use your Birthing Better skills throughout your baby’s birth journey. It’s quite simple.

As an older pregnant woman you might have more medical attention but so what. Let’s put it this way, anyone who drives a car has to learn skills and use them but any driver can be old, unhealthy, in a bad relationship etc. Do you get the drift? Birthing Better skills are like your driving skills which you use while you’re giving birth. The rest is just who you are. Being skilled is what you can do.

‘My doctor treated me like I was ‘over the hill.’ The Pink Kit Package gave me MY skills. Gosh, I may have been 41 when I got pregnant but I’m not incapable, so I just used my pink kit skills to have a terrific birth.’

Mary-Anne F …

‘Not only was I an older pregnant mother-to-be, but I was also carrying an IVF baby and needed lots of medical care. Fortunately, I could separate what ‘they’ did from what ‘I’ needed to do. The Pink Kit skills gave me what I was looking for. Absolutely THE best childbirth resource available’.

Jeannie B …

Older pregnant moms-to-be are part of a special group

and have lots of Life experiences

  • If you have given birth before, although you are an older pregnant mother-to-be, you want to vastly improve your birth experience … this might be your last!
  • An older woman’s pregnancy is often planned therefore can be more enjoyable.
  • Older pregnant mothers-to-be often are able to set aside time to prepare for birth.
  • Often the birth partner of an older pregnant woman is much more involved.
  • You know that skills are your Power so you’ve searched out the best.
  • You’re looking for Pride, Positive and Powerful rather than perfect.

You can feel confident about your upcoming birth rather than have a fear of childbirth pain.

Your birthing better teacher, trainer, and instructor

Whether you give birth in a hospital, birth centre or have a home birth, whether you have an obstetrician or midwife OR whether you have interventions or natural birth, YOU will absolutely have a positive birth.

You know there will be pain so you want to know how to cope with birth pain and have an empowered birth experience because you’re using skills throughout.

If you have a non-labouring Caesarean then you’ll have skills to use on the way to hospital, while being prepped and in surgery.

My mother was absolutely amazed at my birth. She wished she’d had The Pink Kit Package when she gave birth to me 39 years ago. I do to. Apparently my birth was really traumatic to her and she had lots of trouble bonding to me’.

Anne. P…

‘I never imagined how empowering birth could be. All my younger friends told me terrible stories. My Pink Kit birth was incredibly wonderful’.

Barbara H-M …

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.