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Our Trust, Common Knowledge, sometimes finds an article that is well worth including on our website but here’s a lovely article about how pregnancy impacts diet and nutritionFor all of you who know Birthing Better skills know that Common Knowledge holds in trust the skills hundreds of fathers and mothers developed in the early 1970s for ALL births. This means we are incredibly sensitive to the pregnancy and childbirth messages that focus on one type of pregnancy or birth suggestions because just too many women and babies are left out and that’s just not ok. 

Positive Health Wellness embraces all of us and that is so important. Yes, it’s great when you have specific wants, needs, desires, and interests. The Internet of Things provides for everyone. However, every pregnant woman wants the same thing … to be healthy, be able to fit knowledge and skills into their life. Every expectant father and mother wants a healthy baby, pregnancy and positive birth experience. This means every family is looking for what fits into their unique and individual Life.

Diet and nutrition goal in pregnancy

How can this goal of knowledge and skills be suited for everyone? It’s simple, do what Common Knowledge and Positive Health Wellness do … give great knowledge and skills that you can adapt and adjust to their Life and be sustainable!

When you read this article on how pregnancy impacts diet and nutrition you will be given common-sense information and help you develop a good foundation from which to search into the specifics that interest you. 

Another thing we love is helping you really get connected to your baby even early in pregnancy. This might sound silly but many, many ‘systems’ imply that only their system will help you and your baby. Sounds great and tempting but if you follow very specific instructions and they don’t work then you feel burned and confused.

You and your baby

In such a lovely way Positive Health Wellness and Birthing Better skills are all about yoking your Mind to your Body, your baby to you and your baby to your partner from the earliest moment of pregnancy through to your birth. By doing this you will have more confidence with your newborn. Also, notice the word ‘positive’. Great word. This is no accident. This website is all about positive things you can learn about and do. That’s very similar to our Common Knowledge Trust.

We use ‘birthing better’ instead of ‘better birth’.  This means every birthing woman and birth-coaching father/other can birth better when they have and use skills. You are less likely to have a better birth by hoping, wish, expecting or even planning to. There’s no way to know what your birth will be like. Your skills matter just as your pregnancy diet and nutrition do. That doesn’t have to be radical or extreme … just good knowledge and skills.

If you like Positive Health Wellness post about how pregnancy impacts your diet and nutrition, let them know to write more about pregnancy!