Pregnancy Blog

Pregnancy Blog

Pregnancy: Each of us comes to our pregnancy as unique individuals. We move through our pregnancy entirely focused on ourself. Let Birthing Better families lead you into our commonality and the wonderful skills we can learn in pregnancy and use in birth. We are always excited to grow our Birthing Better family of families.

12 Step Heroine's Journey

12 Step Heroine’s Journey: From the moment you conceive, you are 100% pregnant and you are propelled into this amazing 12 Step Heroine’s Journey. Vist this Infographic and learn about this mandatory process as you move from becoming to being a mother. With each pregnancy, you deepen into this phenomenal Woman’s Journey.

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24 weeks to birth

24 Weeks to Birth: This week you’re 24 weeks. Next week 25 weeks pregnant. Each week there is change. Birthing Better families want to show you exactly how to prepare your changing pregnant body for your coming birth. You’ll gain huge confidence even if you remain anxious about the unknowable. Your birth-coach and support will grow skills with you which will increase your confidence even more. Start now!

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Birth Choices and Birth Plans

Birth Plans: Are you making a Birth Plan? Do you know what you want for your coming birth? What happens if your plans change? Birthing Better families made Birth Plans and also developed all these skills. It was simple. We could always use our skills whether our choices unfolded as we hoped or birth was unlike anything we imagined. Our skills work. They will work for you!

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Special Circumstances-mothers

Special Circumstances: There are so many special circumstances in pregnancy and birth. Birthing Better families want you to know that we developed all these skills so they would work in all special circumstances. We cannot control so much of pregnancy and birth. However, we can always use skills to cope and manage as our pregnancy and birth unfolds. Our skills will enrich your pregnancy, birth and Life.

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Special Circumstances

Extras_Mothers: So much to think about and figure out during pregnancy. We all feel overwhelmed by our choices or lack of them. What are you going to do with any issues you’re facing? Anchor yourself with great birth skills. Learn how skills fit into all the extras.

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The Unexpected

Let’s not throw around the word ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ in reference to pregnancy and birth as though we all agree on their meaning. Everything and anything is natural and normal even if infrequent and challenging.

8th Month Pregnancy Exercises

Your mind is much more focused on your coming birth than you were just 2 months ago. You’re also more motivated. Learn at least one birth skill that you’ll use throughout your baby’s birth.

Kegel/Pelvic Floor Exercises ... the BIG No Now

Do Pelvic Floor exercises up to 24 weeks pregnancy then learn to open your body, create space and soften inside your pelvis. Do them again after birth.

Childbirth Information is What?

Words matter because they lead to actions. Actions matter. Birthing Better skills are all about the skilled actions you take throughout your baby’s birth.

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Discover all about pregnancy, birth, being a parent and raising a child.

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