Whatever our ethnic background, our religion, our skin color … we all blink, we all cough and we can all tighten up our bottom … even men! Once a woman becomes pregnant she falls into an exclusive group, whether she’s a woman of color or a woman without color (is that the opposite?). All pregnant women will give birth. In other words, we become one within our Humanity. Summing this up. Each of us is unique. We have our own special circumstances. Yet fundamentally we are one human being that shares this special period of pregnancy and birthing our baby.

‘ I was brought up to believe our differences were greater than our similarities. After studying The Pink Kit Package, one thing I know for certain, when it comes to childbirth we are all the same.’

Renee F…

‘There is nothing in The Pink Kit Package that made me feel that these skills came from any particular cultural background’.

Drs. Marsha and Sari M …

Bringing us together as pregnant women and fathers-to-be

  • There are some universal Truths and one is … we are all one humanity … having another contraction in childbirth is a simple example.
  • Learning how to use good breathing skills when you feel pain has little to do with your ethnic background, color of your skin or faith… but lots to do with what skills you can use to cope with labor pain.
  • Much of raising children reside in our cultural backgrounds but knowing how to relax inside our pelvis during painful contractions can be known by all women whether they are women-of-color or just plan ‘a woman’.
  • There is no difference in the feelings of Pride between pregnant women-of-color and other pregnant women who cope well with labor pains.
  • Every birthing woman and birth-coaching father can use the same skills on way to hospital, while being prepped and in surgery when having a Caesarean no matter your ethnic or racial background.

Only universal human skills suited for all pregnancies and births

If you are a pregnant woman-of-color these birthing skills will fit into the skills you are taught within your culture. These birth-coaching skills can be learned by your husband, friend or relative who will help you during your birth … all wrapped around your own cultural norms.

Finally, there is one set of birth skills that can be used by the rainbow of all pregnant women-of-color.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.