‘The learning (from The Pink Kit) was invaluable because it enabled us to undergo a labor and birth with minimal intervention from hospital staff or drug therapy.
This was only possible because we had learned how to prepare for the birth by studying the structure of my pelvis and birth canal; by developing and practicing effective communication skills for assisting the labor process; by discussing specific stages of the labor experience and how to work effectively with the breath; by practicing a series of muscular release movements which would assist any temporary obstruction in the process; by doing a series of exercises and specialized bodywork prior to the onset of labor.

In addition The Pink Kit was a vital tool in enabling us to deepen and extend our knowledge and understanding of what we learned in ante-natal classes. This enabled us to really make use of what we had learned in what was of course to be a very challenging situation.
The information is unavailable elsewhere and has provided us with an extremely positive and healthy experience of labor and birth. I would recommend any couple expecting a baby to get The Pink Kit and empower themselves for this supreme experience’.

Tina S

First birth horror

‘Her mother had had 6 wonderful births and she thought she would also birth easily. The experience traumatized her. Her mother bought her The Pink Kit as a gift because she wanted her daughter to feel as empowered as she had. Other grandmothers have bought the Kit for daughters, daughters-in-laws and granddaughters because they want them to have a better birth than they did. Every grandmother who has gone through The Pink Kit: Essential Preparations for your birthing body wished they had had this information. Ask them to give it to you as a gift’.


Take control

It gave me the confidence to have our beautiful baby boy at home. I was fortunate to have such a wonderful insightful mother who purchased The Pink Kit when I was 7 months pregnant with my second baby.

The book, video and audiotape helped me to understand my body structure and what I could do to progress and manage my labor. I performed the internal massage twice a day for about 7 weeks and did not require any sutures this time, (I had had a second degree tear with my first baby.)

I took notes of the exercises and positions that could assist me and made reference to these during my labor, this kept me focused and in charge, I had a job to do!.

I performed ‘rocking the sacrum’ to help with the back pain and ‘pelvic clock exercises’ between my contractions. My husband assisted with the ‘sitbone spread’ when the contractions became more intense and for pushing baby out. I found this position excellent.

Throughout the labor I also found the directed breathing so beneficial in coping with the pain that I relied less on my husband during the first stage of labor.

The Pink Kit made my birthing experience a fantastic one and empowered me to take control of my labor and to progress from 1st to 3rd stage in 5 hours as compared to 14 hours with my first baby.

Thank you so much for The Pink Kit experience. I am a true believer!’

Barbara M.

‘Yup, after seven children, you’d think you’d have ‘gotten’ labor. Many women just cope, accept an unpleasant experience, yet all women crave to have good births where they feel empowered by their own efforts rather than swept along by the experience’.’After giving birth to seven children I still had a fear of birth, hence the reason I went to The Pink Kit course with my husband.

Through this course both my husband I came to a clearer understanding of how my body responds and works and what actually happens to me during labor. My husband learned what to do for me, to look for signs without me having to tell him what was happening.
By the end of the course I felt in complete control and the fear had all but disappeared. I knew that I could cope with whatever happened and my husband, for the first time, felt a real part of the labor side of things.

Unfortunately, I got food poisoning and had to have an emergency c-section and my son has some form of genetic problem, as yet unidentified. But I still felt the value of what we had learned. When talking about it afterward my husband said that he felt he had still benefited from the course in that we were prepared for whatever happened. We never considered that we would have anything but a straight forward birth so when things didn’t pan out we both were still in control. We feel others would benefit from this course. I only wish I had known about it seven children ago’.

Cherie and Leon T.

Fear, fear and more fear

‘My first birthing experience, prior to The Pink Kit was quite frankly a disaster. Although I had attended ante natal classes, done the yoga, swam the lengths, walked the miles and read the books. But when push came to ‘push’ I knew next to nothing about my own body and what was actually happening and how I could deal with the pain. Forty-five hours later I gave birth to my son, with the aid of an epidural, episiotomy, high forceps and numerous stitches.

During my second pregnancy, I discovered The Pink Kit. I was amazed and delighted with not only the content of the kit but the holistic approach. I learned so much and gained so much understanding, especially about my first birth that I gained enough confidence and self belief in my body’s ability to do the job asked of it. Sure enough I had a wonderful home birth, taking only 6 1/2 hours with no pain relief and four stitches. Wow, Isn’t it wonderful what good education can do? The Pink Kit is fantastic’

Abbie McM.

Another experience

‘I am writing to share my experience with the birth of my first child 2 years ago and then the recent birth of my dear wee daughter in December. 
With my first, I was induced at a big base hospital with all the equipment and drugs I would need. I was 9 days overdue. My husband was told to go home for a rest and the midwife was going home to get tea. I was then left all alone in the bath with the bell. All of a sudden I was alone, when my contractions started … one minute apart and I couldn’t get out of the bath. The pain was intense and it scared me. They rang my midwife and husband to come back. I was given gas which I reacted to. My reaction was like being drunk: I danced around the room and said things that I knew I was saying but I couldn’t control myself. It was a great laugh at my expense.

Because of me being active, the midwife gave me pethidine to settle me down. (In my care plan I had stated no pethidine due to reactions in the past – I go into laryngo-spasm with morphine.) I was in no state to be asked at the time and I said yes.
Thomas was delivered within an hour of the pethidine, weighing 8lbs 9 oz and a 37cm head. A specialist was called in because I had a bucket handle tear in the vus. I had to have an episiotomy after birthing to repair the damage behind. I was told if I had another child I had no option; I had to have an episiotomy before giving birth. It took 9 months before things were comfortable and trips to physios to strengthen muscles so I didn’t pee myself when I stood up.
Around 9 months later, we decided to have another child.

By word of mouth I made a great choice by choosing D. as my midwife. I liked her natural approach to things and her knowledge and the experience she had to offer me. We talked about my first birth and how we could improve things. I was very concerned about pain relief, knowing I couldn’t have it but remembering how painful it was.
D. received ‘The Pink Kit’ 5 weeks before I was due. I got a lot of benefit out of the breathing techniques and relaxation, but mainly the internal work, which I worked very hard with. D. and I decided we would only do an episiotomy at the very last – It was a risk I was willing to take.

I was 8 days overdue and with a wee help from castor oil, I was on my way to a little country hospital at 10:45 PM with the support of D. and my husband, and the techniques from The Pink Kit. Kate was born at 1:10 AM, weighing 8lbs 20oz with a 37cm head. 
Just lots of breathing going on and a wonderful birthing experience. I can’t thank D. enough, but also thank you for The Pink Kit. I only wish I had had it the first time around.’

The Fancinelli family

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