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All pregnant women meet in the common ground of our humanity because we’re pregnant and will give birth.

As a pregnant woman with deep religious convictions, you’ll find the Birthing Better skills fit into your religious beliefs easily and comfortably … Guaranteed!

In fact, the vast majority of the original hundreds of Birthing Better families were faith-based with medical high risks. We came together because we share a human body. We could take all the Birthing Better skills (previous known as The Pink Kit) into our faith as suited yet feel connected to our commonality.

The Pink Kit skills are just that … skills. The only philosophy connected to them is our need to learn how to give birth to our children’

Christina and Patrick T …

‘In our religion and culture, fathers are not involved with birth, so my sister became my Pink Kit coach and I returned the favor 6 months later’.

Maria and Rebecca P…

Childbirth skills that compliment your religious beliefs

Whether you are a pregnant Christian woman, a pregnant Muslim woman, a pregnant Jewish woman, a pregnant Buddhist woman, a pregnant Hindu woman or other … we share the same human body. This means we can share the same set of wonderful childbirth skills to prepare our pregnant body and learn the birthing skills to work with our baby’s efforts to be born.

We had a concern that The Pink Kit Package would be New Age but some friends used it and lent us their copy. We were so impressed we purchased our own. We’ll have more children and a refresher course will do fine during each pregnancy. We felt very blessed to have discovered this wonderful resource.’

Marybeth and Samuel L …

‘We were skeptical that any birth resource would suit us because of our very strong religious commitment. The Pink Kit Package excels where others fail. These skills are truly universal to everyone.’

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McM …

Get the most incredible childbirth resource you’ll ever find anywhere … guaranteed!

Arm yourself with wonderful birth skills, then in twenty years time teach your children how to have a great birth. Look forward to the most blessed birth experience as a religious family.


All the skills in Birthing Better online birthing classes were developed by moms and dads, many faith-based as well as having medical high-risks. These skills housed in Common Knowledge Trust