Once a good birth, always a good birth? Right? There are no guarantees you’ll have a good or easy birth this time … many of us have been taken by surprise! Every woman knows in the very core of her being that ‘there’s no way to know what your birth will be like’. Even though you want and hope for another good birth don’t be caught out, surprised, blown away and eventually disappointed because your coming birth is not nearly as good as a previous one.

Many families who developed the Birthing Better online birthing classes had one or more previous good birth and then had a challenging one. Their input focused on making certain they had the skills to birth their baby no matter how the birth unfolded. In other words, their good birth was not often connected with skills they used but external factors. Often their challenging birth showed the gaps in their skills.

Birthing Better families realized that they had to rely more on their own set of skills rather than where they birthed, with whom or what happened. This is a huge mental and emotional shift in any pregnant family’s mind-set.

As a pregnant mother-to-be who had a previous good birth, you can have a much better one this time … guaranteed!

I was such a birth snob. My first birth was near perfect. So I just thought all those women having terrible births just are too afraid and need to ‘get over it’.

My second birth was a nightmare . That humbled me. I was terrified to get pregnant, but fortunately my husband and I were given The Pink Kit Package in a baby shower. We’ve had two wonderful pink kit births .. neither of which were just easy.

Helena and Philip …

My wife had two great births and I sat on the side line watching her. Then she had a horrible birth with our third child and sitting on the sidelines really showed up both our lack of skills or capabilities. We were one of the original birthing better families who worked to develop skills for both of us so we could work together no matter how our next births were going to be.

Kendell M …

Mothers want to tell a good and positive Birth Story. The question is what makes a good birth? And here’s where the rubber meets the road. The vast majority of ‘good’ births come from women who didn’t feel overwhelmed or out of control … even a homebirth. And not every ‘bad’ birth is a result of a ‘problem’. Most bad births are directly due to women feeling totally out of control and overwhelmed.

The differences between our 3 births were simple. Our first birth was quite straight forward and contractions weren’t too bad. All done and dusted within 8 hours. Our second birth was over 24 hours and I was absolutely blown away, terrified, confused, depressed and exhausted. The thought that we needed skills was not in our playbook until after our second birth. I was frantic and my husband was bewildered. He couldn’t see how anything we did would make a difference but he was willing to learn The Pink Kit skills. Right away we found skills that would have helped enormously in our second birth. Our third birth was definitely the best.

Cheri and Paul …

Boy was I surprised how well I recovered after this birth. This is now my previous good birth but the one before was a hard piece, leaving me traumatized. Thank you Common Knowledge Trust for putting together these truly blessed resources’

Toni W…

Become inspired to have another good birth experience because you birth better with better skills.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.