Single pregnant mothers-to-be are not alone. You are really no different from any pregnant mother-to-be who is in a relationship. You’re pregnant which means you’re in the same group as other pregnant women. You’re going to be a single mum but you might be delighted you’re not in a complex relationship like your best friend! In other words, being a solo mom-to-be is complex and delightful which is no different from a woman who is in a relationship.

You share something the same with all pregnant women. All of you will give birth. Added to the fact that 100% of pregnant women will give birth,  a woman is the only one doing it! This might sound silly but when it comes to being pregnant and giving birth only a woman can do both of those things whether she is in a relationship or not. Relationships may be great or horrible. As a single mother-to-be you still might be in a relationship … or not. You and society may focus on the fact that you’re a single mom-to-be. Birthing Better doesn’t. Every pregnant woman has a story so Birthing Better families have one message … become a skilled birthing woman no matter the circumstances.

Anyone going to be your birth-coach?

As a single mother-to-be, you might have a family member or relative who is going to be your birth coach, birth support or birth helper … so you’re not really alone anyway. Your birth support person can learn the same set of Birthing Better skills as you. Nothing should stop you from becoming skilled to birth your baby.

Any single mother-to-be can feel proud of her ability to work with her baby’s efforts to be born. Being a solo mom-to-be has absolutely nothing to do with your human ability to give birth. Frankly, Birthing Better families have never made any distinction between one woman from another. Birthing Better is common knowledge, why would we separate one woman from another or advocate for one ‘type’ of birth or another?

The good thing about being a single pregnant mother-to-be

There are advantages to being a single mom-to-be … you don’t have to include someone else’s opinions or actions. You are totally self-determining which can be incredibly empowering. When you prepare your pregnant body with Birthing Better skills you learn so much about yourself, feel so more confident and capable. You’ll grow more mature within yourself. If you’re a young single mom-to-be you’ll feel a confidence society doesn’t always give you.

Some of the original Birthing Better moms were both solo moms-to-be and teens. The youngest one was 15. Her mom gave birth to her at 15 and her grandmother had her mother at 16. Their family was very comfortable with having a family young and parenting was something they enjoyed doing. All these women completed high school, the mother was a college graduate once her pregnant daughter had grown up.

You can be both young and a single mother-to-be and rock it. Birthing Better skills will bring you clarity and delight about yourself.

Feel embraced by Birthing Better families. In fact, the director of Common Knowledge Trust that produces Birthing Better online birth classes was a single mom. Not only did she help develop all the skills with hundreds of mothers and fathers. She used the Birthing Better skills to birth her 8 weeks premature baby by herself in a hospital with everyone standing around watching her. Because she had great birth skills, the obstetrician and labor and delivery staff observed a highly-skilled birthing woman. They didn’t know what her relationship status was and couldn’t care less!

Birthing Better skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.