Most of us don’t think about birth from the viewpoint of birth professionals … unless we are one. Sure we think about what they ‘do’ or not do to us. And we think about whether we like them.

Please consider how many women in labor most Obstetricians, obstetrical nurses or CNN’s attend each year … heaps. Then ask yourself … how many births other than your own have you see (not the quick clips on YouTube).  There’s a disconnect between how many births birth professionals are attending and you.

This means they do know how birthing women behave and what birth support people … mostly fathers-to-be do.

Sadly, they will see 3-4 birthing women really struggle with labor pains. They’ll see 4-5 birthing women get through the birth and only 1 in 10 (if that) look like she knows how-to birth! These are shocking informal statistics. The 1 in 10 women usually has had a previous baby and has learned some birth skills.

How do expectant dads fare in their role as birth support? Actually about the same.

New goal in childbirth

We have to want to improve birth. It’s crazy that childbirth skills are not part of what expectant parents self-learn then use in the birth of their baby.

Birth professionals would love to see more skilled birthing families. Their job would be easier. No obstetrician, obstetrical nurse or certified nurse-midwife wants to see a woman suffer. With the right birth skills women cope with the natural occurring labor pains. With the right skills, fathers-to-be really know how to help. Birth professionals love seeing this.

Birth professionals want to get on with doing whatever assessments, monitoring, and procedures that are required or necessary. They will never interfere with both of you using your skills. You will wow them and they will compliment you.

You’ll work better with them when difficult decisions have to be made and you’ll focus more on what you ‘do’ rather than what is done to you or around you..

All Birthing Better skills have been developed by hundreds of dads and moms and online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.