There are some Truths around pregnancy and birth. One Truth is this … you are even pregnant or you are not. Another Truth follows this … if you are pregnant you belong to an exclusive group with other pregnant women. Another Truth … 100% of pregnant women will give birth. Another Truth … 100% pregnant women will give birth one way or another. Another Truth … there is no way to know what your birth will be like. An UNTRUTH but said again and again … therefore there’s nothing you can do to prepare for birth. YES YOU CAN and SHOULD!

Every expectant parent can and should become skilled to birth their baby. Every mother and fathers can and should use birth and birth coaching skills to birth their baby no matter the circumstances. Another Truth … Birthing Better skills are Universal.

‘Coming from a very religious Christian community, we are about suspect about alternative or New Age stuff. I heard about The Pink Kit on the internet and bought it. It’s been wonderful. It’s just about my body and how I can prepare for the birth of my baby. There is nothing in the information that challenges my beliefs. It’s practical and useful.’

Helene and Phillip

‘In our religion, we can not accept blood products. Those of us who have used The Pink Kit feel more certain that we can prevent some issues that might arise’.

Fiona and Gerald

‘My deep religious beliefs didn’t prevent me from having terrible births. Discovering The Pink Kit was like discovering the difference between God’s help and how I had to help myself’.

Sue and Neal

As a very religious couple, we don’t often talk publicly about what is very private; however, my husband and I have just found The Pink Kit to be wonderful’.

Paulette and Raymond

‘Being an orthodox Jewish woman, our husbands’ job in labor is to pray. In our community, there are many of us who have used The Pink Kit and we call it ‘our homework’. We’re quite religious about doing everything in it, especially the internal work. We have very large families and this has made a huge change in how easily we birth and our good recovery.’

Chema and Eli

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