Of 12 Steps you are now in Step #11 … Birth is unfolding and while the past 10 Steps required you to ‘do’ things and move along, now all your work or resistance comes to the fore. You have to now participate, show up, stand up and be counted and prove that you’ve really taken a Hero’s Journey or else you’re now faced with the fact you don’t really have a clue what to do.

The Birth is both your birthing partner’s Olympic Event but that’s also true for you! Your partner has been on her own Heroine’s Journey. She has either welcomed the journey to become a birthing woman or else she is now overwhelmed because The Birth is probably unfolding in unexpected ways. She will know by your behaviors whether you are actually able to help her stay on top of whatever is happening inside and outside her.

Characteristics Step #11 … digging deeper

  • Now is the time to ‘dig deeper’.
  • Now you move back to the ‘ordinary world’. Birth is real.
  • The Birth of your baby is also your ‘resurrection’. You have moved from ‘becoming’ a father to ‘being’ a father.

Birth is no longer your imagination or in the future. Birth is now. Your partner is now doing the active verb … to birth. She is now in Step #11 of her Heroine’s Journey. Compare yourself. Do your skills compare to hers? Have you learned sufficient skills that both of you know how to implement? Have you developed your team that places both of you into this Transforming Journey?

Birthing Better families wanted to feel this skilled and transforming connection. They wanted skills that made sense. This is so important to understand.

Your Hero’s Journey is important. You may take another one in your Life or a few more but they are not common. They are special, life-altering and require you to be hyper-aware and present.

Every human who has mastered a set of skills knows they must stand up to the ‘test’. Your partner doing the activity of giving birth is her ‘test’ and your capacity to help her stay in control is your ‘test’… your birth-coaching skills matter.

Step #11 is your resurrection, your rebirth.


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