It’s simple, you’re now doing the activity of giving birth! That’s either true and you’re not reading this or you’ve gone through all the Steps in your Heroine’s Journey in order to understand where you’re heading. What does it now mean to be doing the activity of birthing your baby? Let’s look together …

Characteristics Step #11

  • You are moving toward ‘your resurrection’  or being reborn in the mold of yourself.
  • You’re in the ‘ordinary world‘ even with your baby brain
  • You’re forced to ‘dig deeper’ because you can’t get out of pregnancy except to give birth

It is through The Birth experience that all Women are reborn or truly come back to Life. This is NOT a ‘religious’ experience or defined by any specific religion. It’s an Extra-Ordinary experience and it’s Spiritual in Nature rather than religious. In other words, you might have a religion and your religion may have a viewpoint about women, pregnancy and birth. However, Women have and continue to birth throughout the World and throughout Time within the Universal … apart from religion, politics or culture although those things are interwoven.

This means our individual comes totally face to face with our commonality. Your religion is your individuality. Pregnancy and giving birth is our most fundamental Commonality. Whether you are on the way to the hospital, will be prepped and have a non-laboring Caesarean or having contractions the outside world begins to feel less significant. Your focus, emotions and physical body are all living in the ordinary world of this extraordinary experience. You are sharply focused.

Your resurrection

If you’ve read many famous childbirth authors they speak about the need for women to get into their ‘primal’ brain during birth and just let it happen. That is, frankly, absolutely nonsense.

As you are aware, you have a very acute conscious brain while you are now doing the activity of birthing your baby.  Consider this. Without medical care, why would humans become unconscious and just let things happen? They won’t! And you aren’t unconscious now.

Humans are skilled animals. We thrive on skills and when we birth without medical care we need to pay close attention to the process we go through. This DOES NOT mean that you will always feel in control. How we deal with the challenges of this activity comes down to how we use these two parts of our brain. Our Primal brain is reactive. Our Conscious brain is responsive.

The birth of your baby is your most intense personal experience in your ordinary life. Skilled women do dig deep every moment. They understand they are being reborn to being a Mother. You move through the Gateway from ‘becoming a mother’ to ‘being a mother’. Thank yourself for becoming skilled


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