Hero’s Journey

There are two overlapping issues once you’ve impregnated a woman. First, every man moves through his own Hero’s Journey from conception to birth. This journey is very, very, very personal. Your Hero’s Journey is about personal transformation. But where to start and what to do? That’s the question isn’t it?

The hundreds of Birthing Better families who developed Birthing Better have created skills for the 3 stages of your Journey: Skills during pregnancy, to prepare for birth and birth-coaching skills. In other words, we have skills for your whole journey. You don’t have to invent the wheel all on your own or feel like a stupid idiot.

Knowing there are skills to develop during the 5 Phases of pregnancy impacts your Hero’s Journey because these 10 skills are just the practical, pragmatic things you can ‘do’ so you keep up with the fast and phenomenal growth going on with your baby and mother from the moment you impregnated her.

Can you see how having a set of practical, useful skills for pregnancy, birth preparation and The Birth interweave? The 10 skills in the 5 Phases are a ‘to do’ list that you put into your every day life from now until The Birth. On the other hand, your Hero’s Journey is the psychological and emotional growth you take during this unique period.

Step 2

12-16 weeks pregnancy:

  • You exist in the ‘ordinary world’
  • You are now ‘called to adventure’.
  • You experience ‘increased awareness’.

This Call to Adventure is both very exciting and full of uncertainty. Pregnancy smacks you in the face. You know you need to know something but you don’t know what you need to know so you don’t know what you’re looking for.

You might look toward your partner to see what she is feeling, thinking or wants from you. But hey guys … BIG SECRET HERE … Women are taking their own Heroine’s Journey and they very well might not know what they need to know so they can’t help you. This is why Birthing Better fathers developed the 10 skills for you to develop from conception to The Birth and the skills to prepare her body for birth as well as the birth-coaching skills to help her be the very best birthing mother!

Keep up there!

Really when you think about it the past 12-16 weeks of pregnancy has been both incredibly fast and amazingly slow.

Pregnancy is fast:

  • Your baby is multiplying cells at the speed of light
  • Your baby’s mother gets dragged along with this rapid growth from conception to 16 weeks
  • Are you growing and changing as fast as these others? Probably nope … that needs to change

Pregnancy is unbelievably slow:

  • Your baby is multiplying but you can’t feel it move or put your hand on it yet
  • Your partner’s morning sickness may go on and on and on and on … so might her emotional neediness.
  • And by 16 weeks pregnancy, you are now almost halfway through pregnancy with little to show … except both your baby and partner are moving along at the speed of light. Time to step up.

Hero’s Journey is both a choice and not so much

Every dad is a HERO just because. However, that sort of leaves everyone hanging. You get a medal just because. There’s more to this than that.

Hero’s Journey:

  • You’re in Step #2 of 12 Steps in your Hero’s Journey … this is your ‘call to adventure’.
  • These 12 Steps finish, like it or not, in the time after The Birth
  • Every father-to-be takes this Journey whether conscious or not.

Growing skills during the 5  phases of pregnancy

  • Ten simple skills that you use toward your partner during each of these 5 phases in slightly different ways.
  • Ten simple skills to use toward your growing baby that also morph in subtle ways during these 5 Phases
  • Ten simple skills … yes the same ones … to use toward yourself! Gosh, you are equally important even if all the focus is on your baby and pregnant partner.

Take this call to adventure. Take this opportunity to stretch, grow, mature, expand and become more you. You have many thousands of Birthing Better dads who have done the same thing. They have your back!


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