Pregnancy is certainly a funny thing. From one day to another things can change dramatically. Your pregnant partner knows that. She’s living moment-to-moment throughout pregnancy. She cannot escape pregnancy until she gives birth. You can go to work and sort of ignore that your baby is growing a mile a minute and that your partner has to constantly adjust her life because of this new being inside her. By 20-22 weeks of pregnancy hopefully, your partner has settled down emotionally, psychologically and physically. This is the beginning of the loveliest period of pregnancy.

You’re halfway through pregnancy. It’s been wild but you’re not halfway through your Hero’s Journey … just in Step #4.

The uterus has grown halfway to the belly button. Your partner can feel the fluttering of your baby moving but you still can’t really feel your baby. That comes later. Birth still seems quite far away. You may or may not go to any of the appointments with either your obstetrician or midwife. You may have had another ultrasound or other medical tests. You’re beginning to plan your baby’s space in your home … if not before.

Characteristics of Step #4 … 20-22 weeks pregnancy

Especially relevant …

  • You now ‘meet your ‘teacher/mentor’.
  • You move into the ‘special world’
  • You ‘overcome your reluctance’

Who is your ‘teacher’ or ‘mentor’ to help you understand what is happening during pregnancy? That’s the million-dollar question. Your pregnant partner will begin to seek information about birth as well as work on your baby’s room, clothes, and things … from strollers to crib, baby carrier to monitor. Sort of like planning ‘the wedding’.

We’re going to stand up and say ‘We’re your teacher and mentor’ . Who are ‘we’ and why do ‘we’ make this claim to be your mentor?

  • ‘We’ are a charitable Trust that holds the precious Birthing Better skills
  • ‘We’ are the hundreds of fathers and mothers who developed these skills 45 years ago and now used by many thousands of families.
  • ‘We’ are other men like yourself dealing with pregnancy either the first or tenth time.

We are ALL your mentors and teachers

As you face your willingness to overcome your reluctance to change, we have your back. Fathers came together to show other fathers what skills you need to develop during the 5 phases of pregnancy. Then we have online courses that show you exactly how to prepare your partner’s pregnant body to give birth then the exact skills so you and she can work together as a team during your baby’s birth. And it’s almost Time for you to start to prepare her body for the coming birth.

In other words, it has to be your ‘choice’ to overcome your reluctance to consciously and fully walk these 12 steps on your Hero Journey. You both take this walk alone but as you now know Step #4 brings your mentors and teachers. Now you are being nurtured.

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