Step 4 Heroine Journey Pregnancy Birth … Meet Your Mentor 20-22 weeks

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Pregnancy is sweeping you along. You are now 20-22 weeks into your pregnancy. As a result every day you move closer and closer to the most transforming experience in your Life … giving birth to your child. Especially relevant to the Grand Scheme … you are giving birth to the next generation of Women and Men. Your role is vitally important to our Humanity so you, as a Woman, must transform. You alone have to find the very best pathway to achieve your own transformation as you take this tremendous journey.

During 20-22 weeks pregnancy things change again. You begin to feel your baby’s slight movements. you still can’t feel your baby but a flutter now and again tells you there’s someone in there. By this time you know whether you’re having a daughter or son. Your uterus is about the size of a small basketball and not quite up to your belly button. You often find yourself looking in the mirror standing naked to see this miracle of your pregnant body. After 5 months of pregnancy it’s still pretty amazing. Which leads you right into Step #4.

Characteristics of Step #4

Choosing to grow means we overcome that reluctance or laissez-faire of Step # and now you seek out teachers/mentors, knowledge, skills, information, education. These mentors/teachers open up a whole new world of new skills yet it’s still not the Time to prepare for the Birth.

Here’s what to expect from 20-22 weeks

  • You meet The Teacher or Mentor
  • Hence you overcome your reluctance once again
  • Therefore, you begin to learn from books, classes, YouTube, groups, organizations and individuals.

Once you ‘show’ in pregnancy, the whole world believes you want to listen to their pregnancy and birth stories and their advice. If you think this will stop, forget it! From now on you’re part of the Wave of Humanity’s next generation so the past and present generation want to participate.

So who is this mentor/teacher?

Can there be more than one? Yes, of course there can be more than one. Everyone can be a mentor or teacher in some capacity.

Definitely Birthing Better is one such teacher but our courses are not yet the right thing for 20-22 weeks pregnancy and Step #4 on your Heroine’s Journey. That comes soon in Step #5.

Your partner

Your partner is on his/her Hero’s Journey. Somewhere between 20-22 weeks of pregnancy your Journeys begin to come together. Emotionally and physically you feel more stable which means your partner is not as bewildered by all the early pregnancy changes. Your Journeys move along together but will diverge unless both of you learn skills together for use during The Birth.

Make a list of all your mentors and teachers. What are you learning?  Do you feel more part of this Big Family of Humanity?


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