Everyone who already has a child knows how much of Life we frittered away before our first child entered our lives. Pregnancy begins to teach us this truth … Life moves on at a rather rapid rate. After the birth, we wonder ‘What did we do to fill our Time before?’ This can often lead to ‘Wish I had my old life back’.

  • Step #1 you had ‘limited awareness’
  • Step #2 your ‘awareness increased’
  • Step #3 you became ‘reluctant to change’
  • Step #4 was all about ‘overcoming reluctance’

You’ve taken 4 steps and gotten halfway through pregnancy and already you’ve gone through a plethora of emotions. You are coming face to face with ‘becoming a father’. The 12 Steps in your Hero’s Journey will move you from ‘becoming’ to ‘being’. Profound really.

Characteristics Step #5 … 22-24 weeks pregnancy

Especially relevant …

  • you become ‘committed to change’
  • you have ‘crossed a threshold’
  • you are now deeply into the ‘special world’

If you’re reading the Conception to Birth posts then you’re already developing the 10 skills during the 5 phases of pregnancy. Doing so will serve you, your baby and baby’s mother well for years to come because you’ve chosen to ‘grow’ while your baby and it’s mother are biologically mandated to grow.

As soon as you ‘cross the threshold’ and ‘commit to change’ then you enter the ‘Special World’ of your Hero’s Journey. Have you ever taken such a journey before in your Life? Yes or No, yet you’re familiar with this journey in every movie you watch, a book you read or if you’re a gamer. The Hero’s Journey is all about growing, persistence through adversity, resilience when knocked back or challenged, self-empowerment through decisions and actions, acknowledgment of self-capacity, your own bravery and a sense of accomplishment.

For too long men/fathers-to-be have really been left behind

Pregnant women have absorbed all the air in the room. Expectant fathers are like a ‘tag-along’. Your pregnant partner gets all the attention from her friends, family and birth professional … even strangers! Your baby gets more attention than you do … sometimes from your partner as well. In other words, you can feel ignored emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically.

Your partner expects something from you but you may have no idea what she really wants. And when you think you’re giving her heaps, she never seems satisfied. What are you to do?

What’s going on between 22-24 weeks pregnancy?

From about 16 weeks to 36 weeks pretty much everything settles into the long haul of pregnancy. By 24 weeks the uterus is at the belly button. Your partner can clearly feel your baby move around but the movement is still slight and light compared to what happens after 34 weeks. Up to 24 weeks the amount of fluid inside the bag of waters is relatively more than your baby’s mass. This begins to change from 24 weeks pregnancy to The Birth.

Now is the Time to start preparing her pregnant body for birth. This is where we hope you’ll go to the right-hand menu and purchase one of our Birthing Better courses. You can get all the skills in the full resource. But if you’re not certain to get the Body Skills For Pregnancy and Birth because these are the skills to use now.

Birthing Better fathers are here for you. Birthing Better fathers are sharing with you all the skills they developed as they took their own Hero’s Journey. A Hero’s Journey is universal. Pregnancy is universal. Giving birth is universal. Being a father is universal. Your Life is unique. Universal and Unique are not polar opposites. Birthing Better brings what is Universal into our Uniqueness.

As we walk with you and you ‘commit to change’ in Step #5, you will discover the joys of becoming more you. Hopefully, you will share with other men and eventually with your grown children when they have their kids. Perhaps because of you the next generation of men will not feel so lost and the next generation of women will not feel so needy and unsatisfied.


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