There is a definite shift when you move from 22 to 24 weeks into your pregnancy. From the earliest days of your pregnancy, you felt different, got tossed around emotionally and physically as a result you initially had to choose whether to stay pregnant or not or even whether to keep your baby or not. Much as some people don’t want to acknowledge this reality, Women from the Beginning of Time have struggled with these issues. We, as modern Women, do as well. The thought of your coming Birth and being a parent often feels intimidating and HUGE! But until 24 weeks of pregnancy, you’ve been caught up with the early part of pregnancy and Birth is not quite but almost on the horizon.

At 24 weeks this magical thing happens in your Brain/Body connection. You are more than half way through your pregnancy. The first 24 weeks are very tied together which is just getting used to being pregnant, waiting to ‘show’ and perhaps stop being sick and waiting to feel your baby move.

Characteristics of Step #5

  • With this step you ‘cross the threshold’
  • Due to this you move into the ‘special world’
  • Most of all you become increasingly ‘committed to change’

The ‘limited awareness’ of step #1, your ‘increased awareness’ of step #2, probably the ‘reluctance to change’ of step #3 while finally ‘overcoming your reluctance’ in step #4 now brings you to step #5 and the facing firmly the final days, weeks and months of pregnancy. These characteristics of Step #5 are inline with the hormonal changes moving you more toward your birth.

Committing to change

In many ways, this commitment occurs once you feel your baby move, can touch your baby through your belly, your partner can feel the movement and your belly is at or almost at the level of your belly button. Your new normal is being pregnant but your awareness of the coming Birth starts to nag at you.

While the past few months have been focused on gathering information about issues in pregnancy now you begin to think about The Birth. Seems like Reality will begin to shift again just when you think things have settled down. More than half of your pregnancy has been completed and less than half remains … around 16 weeks.

Now is the Time to begin to prepare your pregnant body to give birth as well as learn birth and birth-coaching skills that you’ll use to birth your baby no matter where your birth occurs, who is present and what happens to or around you throughout your birth. This is where your mentor … Birthing Better families … have your back and can share with you all the skills they developed and put into all the Birthing Better skills-based childbirth online courses.

Commitment to change impacts The Birth

You begin to realize that your Birth will a one-off unique event that you will have to do whether you like it or not, have choices or not, whether your choices change or not and whether you’ve given birth before or not.

With a profound knowledge that Birth is one BIG event, you become more inspired to do something about it. You know you are in a special world that non-pregnant women are not experiencing. Pregnancy is special.

This is where we want to you begin to feel this incredibly HUGE gap in all the childbirth conversations as you’ve been seeking information.

  • How often have you read or been told that 24 weeks is now the Time to prepare your pregnant body to give birth?  This is called unconscious incompetency again.
  • Have you even heard or found any encouragement to really learn birth and birth-coaching skills?

You’re more likely to have heard about birth skills (Lamaze, Bradley, Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, Calm Birth, Birthing Within) but none of those give you skills to prepare your pregnant body to give birth no matter what type of birth you will have. If you don’t know something exists then you’re not looking for it.

This is the HUGE gap … what you’re looking for at this point in pregnancy is totally influenced by the present childbirth trend. Everywhere you’re told about ‘choices’ and Birth Plans. No one tells you you and your partner need to:

  1. have specific skills (yes … skills!) to prepare your pregnant body to birth
  2. have specific skills (yes … skills) to birth as well as be a great birth-coach.

You’re not alone. There is absolutely No societal expectation that you become skilled to birth your baby no matter where, with whom or what happens to or around you. We’re telling you you absolutely MUST do this if you want a safe/healthy birth as well as a positive experience.

Birthing Better skills

Why should you look at Birthing Better compared to other childbirth methods? It’s simple. No other childbirth resource has been developed by mothers and fathers equally. No other resource gives you skills for every type of birth.

If you’re committed to change in Step #5 ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How much money would you pay out of pocket to have a safe and healthy birth for you and your baby?
  2. How much money would you pay out of pocket to have a positive birth no matter the circumstances?

In other words, how do you value your baby’s birth compared to how much money out of pocket you are willing to spend on a stroller or disposable nappies and everything else your baby/child needs?

With Step #5 you have crossed a threshold, exist within the special world of pregnancy and birth as you become a mother and you are committed to change. This means we have to open your Mind to this gap and you need to fill it with skills, not just information or choices.


Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy