In Step #5 you began to commit to change, you moved into the ‘special world’ from the ‘ordinary world’. In other words you crossed a threshold and took a step toward becoming more … more knowledgeable, more informed, more skilled (that’s what we want for you) and more prepared. What are you preparing for? The Birth and being a mother either for the first time or another time. All of us who have been where you are know how big this is.

You are now between 24-28 weeks pregnancy. Hopefully you are preparing your pregnant body to become a birthing body from 24 weeks onward. If you’re 40+ weeks please just learn some skills and use them throughout your baby’s birth. Any skill is better than no skill.

What happens at 24-28 weeks? Usually you feel pretty good. Your baby is more ‘feelable’ from touching your belly. Have your obstetrician or midwife help you find your baby’s head and bum. It’s exciting. Early pregnancy discomforts are a thing of the past, discomforts that occur the last few weeks are not yet plaguing you. If you or your baby have health issues then you’ll have increased medical attention turned toward you. If you’re healthy and feeling good this is the period when Women glow. Great time!

Characteristics Step #6

Like all heroine journeys there are two steps forward and one step back. As we move forward, we often have a deep sense of something not quite right or something feels uncertain. This is particularly true for pregnancy and preparing for birth. While The Birth still seems far away, one of those uncertainties is a truth all women bump into … there is no way to practice birth before it happens and there’s no way to know how your birth will unfold. That puts a damper on any belief that anything ‘I do will matter’. Also, when you’re feeling well then why bother doing anything now. In the back of your Mind there’s still plenty of Time. You might not even making your Birth Plans yet.

In Step #6 …

  • You’re in the ‘special world
  • You get tested by your enemies/obstacles
  • You find allies

Here are some examples of the enemies/obstacles within and outside of you:

  • You might be desperate to get your baby’s room all sorted but run into money issues.
  • The ultrasound from last week revealed a potential problem your obstetrician/midwife wants to look more closely at. You become very anxious.
  • You might explore one type of childbirth preparation method and find it doesn’t suit you or requires more time then you want to invest but deep down you know you should.
  • You desperately want a VBAC, you’ve made a thorough Birth Plan already but you’re getting resistance from your husband, family and birth professional.

We can be our own enemy or face external factors. Pregnancy and birth often highlight the many challenges we meet.

Here are examples of our allies both within and outside our selves:

  • You might feel your OB/midwife has become your ally because they are supporting your choices to have a VBAC after 4 previous Caesareans and you’re so grateful for their support and encouragement.
  • You’re pregnant with your first baby and your husband has really gotten on board with the Birthing Better skills and his eagerness inspires your confidence.
  • Your best friend has told you she’ll watch your two other kids when you head to hospital for the birth and get a group of women together to help afterwards because you already know you’re expecting triplets!

In Step #6 you face the tests, enemies and allies yet something drives you forward. There’s no going back. This journey will be challenging even if you’ve taken it before and everything seems to come up roses. This journey of pregnancy and birth is the most transforming experience, event and activity you will ever do.

Pregnancy and birth are both a normal part of Life but normal includes everything that can, might, does, could, will happen. Normal is part of a heroine’s journey but ‘normal’ means lots of things. Life is no longer routine or boring or dull or comfortable or even normal. Pregnancy lasts for a very short time so from a viewpoint of Time, pregnancy is not normal. You are now more dynamic, need to be more engaged and definitely you feel this new Life Force growing inside.

Remember Birthing Better families are your allies. There are now tens of thousands who have taken the Time to learn these phenomenal skills because they placed a high degree of value on The Birth of their baby. Skills aren’t just window dressing. Preparing your body to birth as well as learning, practicing and using birth and birth-coaching skills are the fundamental good behaviors that should be the normal process of that you do to get ready to give birth and as well as when you are giving birth.


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