Step #9 is kind of quirky in relationship to where you are in your pregnancy … 32-36 weeks pregnancy. In reality, while not desired, quite a significant % of pregnant women give birth during these weeks. Are you prepared?

I gave birth at 32 weeks! That means my child was born 8 weeks early at 32 weeks. Thankfully I had developed these skills with hundreds of men like yourself and women like your partner. I had been at hundreds of births with families using these skills … every type of birth!

Ready or not I had a ‘choice’ about whether I would use the Birthing Better skills. I did not have a choice of whether I was giving birth.  I could surrender to all the medical care surrounding a pre-mature birth or I could ‘seize the moment’ and use my birth skills alongside all of the medical care that surrounded me.

I chose to be a great birthing woman in the presence of an obstetrician (a stranger) and staff (had never met any of them) in hospital (in a strange town), not expecting to be in labor (who would?). They did what they had to do. I did what I had to do AND I birthed my baby by myself as they watched with their mouths hanging open. I didn’t have a birth-coach. I was on my own using Birthing Better skills. I’ve never liked birth. Labor pains hurt like a mother F … but I kept using my skills even when my Mind was saying: FFFFFFF! throughout each contraction. I seized the moment. The consequences of my practice showed up in all the skills I put into place.

Characteristics Step #9 … seizing the moment

Especially relevant …

  • you are ‘seizing the moment’
  • you remain in the ‘special world’
  • you face the ‘consequences of change … either movement is forward or setbacks’

In Step #9 the ‘consequences’ of your positive or negative approach to pregnancy and the coming birth are in your face. Your job on this journey is to become the Hero … not a ‘perfect’ hero but a way to perfect being a hero.

If you’re not preparing your partner’s body for birth start now. And keep learning the 10 ones you’re growing in pregnancy. Our job is to open your eyes and give your hands the pragmatic skills to help your baby’s birth go more smoothly. It’s never too late in pregnancy to learn birth and birth-coaching skills. Even if you give birth tonight, at least feel confident with at least one birth-coaching skill and use it.


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