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Being a teen dad is nothing special to Birthing Better families. Some of us were both teen dads and teen mothers-to-be. In many cultures, young men and young women have children as teens. Probably the difference between you and a teen living in a less modern country is that they are more skilled at providing for life. But if you got your girl pregnant then you are a father-to-be and a man. If you’re standing up to the plate to be a teen dad, then stand up to the plate and become a great birth coach. As a teen dad, you are the best birth coach for your partner.

‘The best thing I’ve done is to learn how to be a birth coach. There’s a lot involved with all the skills to learn but they work so well’.

Jack H …

‘’Thanks to our minister’s wife who lent us The Pink Kit Package, our marriage has been much stronger.’

Mark S. Jnr …

As a teen dad, you deserve to be encouraged

  • You’re going to be a dad so helping at birth prepares you for the work ahead.
  • Teen dads enjoy their kids and should enjoy birth coaching.
  • Teen fathers don’t like being treated as a child.
  • You put the baby in. Help get it out.
  • Start parenting and feeling proud.

Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course is your best teacher to become the best birth coach as a teen dad

You can feel confident about your upcoming birth rather than get lost when surrounded by health professionals, in an unfamiliar setting and when things are happening that are unfamiliar.

Whether you give birth in a hospital, birth center or home birth, whether you have an obstetrician or midwife OR whether you have interventions or natural birth, YOU will absolutely be the best birth coach for your partner… age does not matter. Teen fathers are just as good as older fathers. It’s all depends on what YOU are willing to do.

Every positive birth leaves new parents with the same feelings

  • You’ve done a great job as a teen dad birth coach.
  • You’ve helped your girlfriend, partner or wife who may be a teen mom manage painful birth contractions.
  • Your partner will praise you, thank you and admire you.
  • Your baby has come out of your partner’s body without damage to her body and is safe.
  • That your partner will recover amazingly quickly.
  • You’ve totally impressed your obstetrician and midwife, your friends and family

I’m a much better dad because I was a great birth coach.’

Adam P…

‘Sam was amazing. I couldn’t have done it without him. We’re 16 but really committed to each other’.

Melanie B …

You can feel confident about your upcoming birth rather than have fear of childbirth pain.

  • In no other childbirth preparation resource or class will you find these remarkable and practical skills.
  • As a teen father, don’t let the opportunity to have a truly wonderful birth experience pass YOU by.

Act now. Start now. Don’t wait another day to develop your birth coach skills.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.