We all know the ‘rules’ … cough/sneeze into the elbow, clean surfaces, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing. Those are clear actions.

However, they aren’t ‘proven’. There is no ‘evidence-based studies’ nor have their been double-blind studies. In fact, what’s a ‘surface’ mean? Can the virus live on plates, our clothes, hair, rugs, bedding?

We are being given sensible suggestions and many of us are trying to follow the rules. And then it comes to the use of masks.

Here’s a brilliant article that explains why people in some countries wear them and in other countries people don’t. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-52015486 

It all boils down to: No one knows what will work’. Which means each of us is doing the best we can. And that boils down to the conclusion in this article … EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Which brings us to the OFFICIAL ADVICE if we feel unwell.

We have to do more, so our New Zealand NGO, Common Knowledge, has put out a list of TO-DO.

I have people scream at me: ‘It’s fake, it’s a scam, it’s quackery, you’re going to hurt people, just follow official advice and stay indoors’. Well, doing nothing is your choice. Doing something is your choice.

There will be no double-blind studies. There will be no evidence-based research, however, each of us has a choice to try something under the ‘every little bit helps’ or do nothing.

My 50 years as a Naturopath who worked for many years in countries where access to modern medicine is challenging or non-existant … doing nothing is sometimes an option and doing something is equally an option.

Personally, I’ve been rigorously following this list and have added Vicks because of a personal experience I had last night on Day 6 of not feeling well.