READ THIS GREAT BIRTH STORY: When we talk about being a skilled birthing woman and birth-coaching dad, we absolutely know there are some women who just birth easily. There’s a scale that ranges from women who feel absolutely no pain throughout birth to those ‘I thought I was going to die’.

  • ‘Didn’t feel anything’
  • ‘Felt a tightening periodically but that was all’
  • ‘Labor pains were barely noticeable for most of the birth’
  • ‘Labor pains weren’t as bad as I thought they would be’
  • ‘Labor pains weren’t bad at first then got more intense but were manageable’.
  • ‘The pains were strong but I could cope’
  • ”The pains got really intense and it was incredibly hard work to stay in control’
  • ‘It was really hard to stay in control’
  • ‘I was overwhelmed and hated it’
  • ‘I just screamed and screamed. I’ll never have another baby’
  • ‘Birth was horrible, I thought I was going to die’

We have NO idea what this woman felt but you can bet your bottom dollar that if she didn’t even know she was pregnant and gave birth quite suddenly that she probably falls into the lower scale of ‘pain’.

Yes, pain is subjective but…

There is a HUGE difference between birthing easily from birthing quickly. Women who birth easily tend to fall into that lower pain scale however many, many women who birth quickly (under 4 hours from start to finish) actually feel totally overwhelmed and out of control.

What’s the difference?

Women who birth easily … 

  • Their baby fits easily through their pelvis and moves down, through and out of their body with very little pain or discomfort
  • An easy birth does not mean the woman is ‘low risk’. There is no level of risk that interferes with any woman’s ability to get a baby easily out of her body even when there are tubes and hoses coming out of every hole in her body.
  • Women with major health issues can birth easily.
  • Women whose baby has major health issues can birth easily
  • A woman who births easily may still have relatively long labor but not one that exhausts her and she never feels ‘stuck’.
  • These women feel great after their birth and recover quickly

Women who birth quickly …

  • Their baby fits easily through their pelvis and moves down, through and out of their body but the contractions are intensely painful with almost no break in between.
  • Often the ‘early’ part of labor is missed but then contractions get unbearable and women feel totally out of control.
  • Women fear that these contractions are going to get even worse and last for hours. The thought of those two things makes women feel ‘I’m going to die’.
  • These women are in shock after birth and remain that way for an extended period of time after birth … days, weeks, months and years.
  • Women can birth easily and quickly without any or much pain or discomfort
  • However, women who birth quickly and experience overwhelming pain never think their birth was easy.

Why did I choose this post? The cute baby! Goodness, that’s a baby that came down easily and probably quickly without much pain.

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