This is SO exciting. Do you know Udemy? Our first course has been approved!

‘Your course “Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 weeks” has been approved! It is now live in the marketplace under the category of Personal Development: Parenting & Relationships.’

It’s only $35 and focuses on the 10 skills fathers-to-be can develop during the 5 Phases of pregnancy … conception to birth is the first phase.

These are just some of the skills Birthing Better fathers developed and our Trust proudly holds.

We’d love some volunteers to translate these videos into multiple languages. Udemy installs English captions but the courses we’ll put on Udemy are our Birthing Better legacy.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to create a course every month. This is our Vision

Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy on Udemy platform:

Online birth classes on this website:

When to start birth preparation skills:

  • Start about 24 weeks
  • Pick which Birthing Better online course suits your family
  • All skills developed equally by fathers and mothers for all births
  • Growing families by growing a skilled birthing population
  • Benefits of becoming skilled
    • Confidence
    • Learning practical and effective skills
    • Be a great birth-coach
    • Have no fear during any birth
    • Have no fear of your newborn
    • Be praised by your partner, family, friends, and birth professionals.
    • Able to teach your children these skills when they grow

Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy at Udemy:

Mothers-to-be Childbirth Preparation and Birth Academies on this website:

  • Which of our 5 self-learning online course that suits your circumstances and what you feel you need. See the above links
  • You’ll learn skills to use throughout your baby’s birth no matter where you birth, who is present or what happens to or around you.

All Birthing Better skills were developed equally by moms and dads in the early 1970s, used in every type of birth without exception and housed in Common Knowledge Trust