Having a successful VBAC is clearly defined… Either you achieve one or you don’t. When you’re pregnant and doing research about VBAC what’s important to know is not what others have done but what you can do. Are you ready to achieve a VBAC? What are you doing to achieve one? These are serious questions. Your success rate is contingent on two things. If you have medical issues that put you or your baby at risk then your chances of having a vaginal birth after a Caesarean. If, however, you have some health issues that you bring into pregnancy or develop then you might still be very successful in achieving one. If your baby has health issues you might still have a VBAC or not. These are all variables that impact your chances of achieving a natural birth.

Birthing Better families want to open up another door so you might think differently. No matter your personal circumstances you can prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body then learn birth and birth-coaching skills so you can work through whatever journey you take with your baby.

Think about these things

There are levels of VBAC success:

  • Did you have medical interventions?
  • Did you love the experience or not?
  • Did your partner help as you hoped?
  • Were you upset or pleased with your care provider?
  • Make your own list!

In reality women who want a VBAC also tend to want the orgasmic birth so promoted in the Natural Birth Movement. So you have to ask yourself … What would success look like?

We’ll bring you back to a new way to view your coming birth. Regardless of your circumstances you can skillfully birth your baby and end up feeling incredibly empowered because your skills kept you involved, engaged, conscious and participating totally no matter the situation. Right now you are probably thinking that the only birth success is a vaginal birth after your previous Caesarean. That is so limiting and in many ways reduces your baby’s birth down to only one specific type of birth. Don’t do that! Think bigger and act bigger.

Change the conversation about VBAC

What if you should always see yourself as a successful birthing mother?  In reality, we are stuck in a belief that our births are all about ‘the outcome’ rather than the process. Shame on us. We are in such a confusVBAC+rate+1989-2004ion about childbirth. We’re determined to change the language and the behaviors.

As a mother-to-be you can always birth well once you’ve skilled yourself to do so. You also have to change your beliefs. Giving birth or being born is an activity that takes place over time. It’s a process not merely ‘outcome’. We don’t just ‘achieve’ a birth, we ‘DO’ the birth.

What most women are looking for when they seek a VBAC is a belief that a Cesarean stopped them from feeling connected. But that only occurs when women and fathers lack skills! Simple as that.

When we have NO skills, the birth happens to us. When we’re skilled we always work with our baby’s efforts to be born.

Specific Skills for VBAC online class offers you absolutely all the birth and birth-coaching skills you need to achieve your VBAC. The skills were developed by ordinary people so they are your best teacher. VBAC success is all about ‘doing’ the activity of labor, coping with the natural occurring pain of contractions and helping your baby come down, through and out your body.

No matter how you birth your baby, if you use birth and birth-coaching skills then you’ll feel successful.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better VBAC online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.