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Ruptured Uterus … scary thought. Could anything be more frightening? Sure. There are a zillion ways to die or be injured, a ruptured uterus is just one of them. In fact, having a ruptured uterus is very low on LIfe’s risk factors. You or your baby are more likely to die in an automobile accident but knowing that doesn’t cause anxiety or fears. Even with a ruptured uterus, not every woman or baby dies if she experiences one.

We do live in a culture of fear. We fear everything. We are taught to reduce risks at all costs. So, if you are afraid of a ruptured uterus then you’ll probably make the decision to have another Cesarean birth. Birthing Better families will still tell you to learn our skills and use them throughout your baby’s birth no matter the circumstances.

If on the other hand, you do your research you’ll discover that a ruptured uterus is not the most common, serious problem facing birthing women. You’ll need to do the research because our job is NOT to persuade you one way or another.

The job of Birthing Better families is to wake you up to one overarching fact. You are pregnant and you will give birth one way or another. We simply believe you and your birth partner should have birth skills to work with your baby’s efforts to be born no matter how he/she comes out.

Skills do help calm fears. Skills are also something we can use when we are faced with challenging situations.

Can you prevent your uterus from rupturing? Yes and no. Can you have an empowered birth even if problems happen? Yes. Without skills, you’ll feel more passive. With skills, you’ll work with the challenges.

Birthing Better VBAC online birth class full of great VBAC skills were developed by hundreds of moms and dads and housed in Common Knowledge Trust.