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Not everyone knows the word ‘sacrum’ and what that means. Sadly there’s no other word for the sort of triangular-shaped bone at the end of your spine and has your tail bone attached at the tip of the upside-down triangular. It’s easy to google so we won’t bore you.

What we want you to know is that your sacrum is the bone that your baby will push out and back if he/she needs to create more space in your pelvis. This is important. Your baby is a big 3-dimensional object. If your baby needs more space to move through your bony pelvis, your sacrum is the easiest bone to move. You can help!

In the short online birth class: Body Skills for Pregnancy and Birth and the comprehensive online birth class:  Complete Birth Skills you’ll learn the importance of your sacrum and how to create mobility in this bone to help open up your pelvis.

Creating mobility in your sacrum can ease back-labor pains as well as reduce and prevent stuck labours that lead to more medical interventions.

Prepare first

You’ll never know what your birth will be like but Birthing Better online birth skills give you a very real way to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body. Giving birth may be mysterious but it doesn’t have to be mystifying. Your baby lives inside your uterus during pregnancy.

During the labor part of childbirth, contractions open your cervix that has kept your uterus closed for 9 months. To be born your baby has to open your cervix as well as move down through your bony pelvis before he/she can move down, through and out your vagina. Having skills to open your pelvis is essential to help this big object be born.

Birth skills and birth-coaching skills

Preparing for birth during pregnancy means your body will be used to creating space, mobility and softening. When you couple preparing your pregnant body to become a birthing body with learning, practicing and using the birth and birth-coaching skills gives you a huge upper hand compared to the vast majority of pregnant families. Because there is absolutely NO expectation that expectant parents become skilled to birth their baby, you are far ahead of the game.

Choice vs skills

You’ll be making your Birth Plan about what you want and don’t want. Make a Skills-based Birth Plan as well. This is a blueprint to tell your obstetrician or midwife what skills you’ll be using during your birth. And your Skills-based Birth Plan is your Big 10 List so you remember the skills you’ve learned.

Your choices may unfold as you want. You may lack the choices that you want. Your choices may change unexpectedly. No matter what happens with your ‘choices’, you can use your skills no matter where you birth, with whom or what happens. Having skills give you the upper hand so you can always stay in control and on top of your birth no matter what.

All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of moms and dads in the early 1970s and housed in Common Knowledge Trust.