Breathing, Touch, Communication Skills



This Breathing, Touch and Communication skill-set will step-by-step show you how to find your best breathing patterns for birth. Breathing is your first line of defense so you cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of and feel in control throughout your baby’s birth journey no matter where you birth, who is present or the circumstances.

Birth demands good breathing patterns that adjust, adapt and are sustainable. Your body responds to internal sensations and everything that happens around you.

Communication skills help you and your partner work together effectively through pregnancy and birth. We’ve simplified what can feel complex.

Then there’s touch. Women love to be touched during birth ONLY if the touch is at the right time, right place and right way. Birthing Better families figured this out. A great skill that you’ll use heaps in life. Another great Birthing Better skill.


  • Introduction to breathing, communication and touch skills in Lesson 1: You’ll understand why Birthing Better families developed these skills and how using them improves birth.
  • Discover human breathing in ways you never dreamed in Lesson 2: Find your most positive breathing patterns that you can adjust throughout birth.
  • Experience better verbal and non-verbal communication skills in Lesson 3: Easy and effective communication in birth is essential within your team
  • Learn a touch skill that becomes a cue to internal softening in Lesson 4: Deep touch is an easy way to communicate during birth
  • Put these skills together in your birth in Lesson 5: You’ll cope with birth pains and have a more effective birth.


“Birthing Better teaches that birth is something you do, not just something that happens to you. With that realization comes the ability to learn the skills needed for an easier and more controlled birth. I could feel myself open on each inhale and soften inside on each exhale. ”


“Birthing Better communication skills are the best. We always had issues about understanding one another. We used the non-verbal skills very successfully throughout our 3 children’s births. No, we couldn’t read each others minds but we certainly found the skills easy to use.’


After 5 births, you’d think I knew how to do it. I dreaded them and hated each birth. My husband was useless and devastated. After learning the touch skills, we just blossomed. He’d put his hand on some part of my body during birth and I’d just soften under his touch.”

Samilla and Kevin


Lesson 1 to 6

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