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Take Control Of Your Body. Take Control Of Your Birth.

Pregnancy is a major event in your life and requires preparation. The Birthing Better Course is an award-winning digital resource that will help you achieve a more confident pregnancy with reduced pain during labour and increased confidence and control of your body through pregnancy and birth.

  • 40 years of experience
  • Over 50 resources
  • Thousands of successful pregnancies
"The Birthing Better Course is the only comprehensive childbirth preparation resource that focuses entirely on birth skills for both you as a mother-to-be and your partner."
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    8 Instructional Videos
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    40 Short e-Books

Learn tactics and Techniques to take control of your birth. The Birthing Better Course covers all you need to know for your birth. From what type of birth you are planning - Reducing Pain - Breathing - Body Control - Birthing Roles - Father-To-Be and much much more.


Great Value

The Birthing Better Course contains over 50 bite sized pieces of knowledge which make it easy to digest. It is also incredible value. A similar sized resource like this would be worth over $500!


By Families For Families

The Birthing Better Course was developed over 40 years with hundreds of families all over the world. It is an invaluable aggregate of learnings pulled together from mothers across multiple generations.


Online and Accessible

The entire resource is online. So you have the freedom to access it from any device at any time. Prepare yourself on your terms on your turf.

Take Control Of Your Birth

The Birthing Better Course is self directed so you can work through it at your own pace. Many have said they wished they had known about this resource sooner so dont delay!

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“I felt in complete control and the fear had all but disappeared. I knew that I could cope with whatever happened and my husband, for the first time, felt a real part of the labour side of things.”

- Sue Roberts


Birthing Better Course - ONLY $63.95

We have developed TheBirthing Better Course to conveniently and easily fit in with your lifestyle. You can work through the content at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. NB: TheBirthing Better Course is a digital resource that can be accessed from any device. Includes: 8 Instructional Videos 2 Audio Tracks 40 Short e-Books

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“I felt in complete control and the fear had all but disappeared. I knew that I could cope with whatever happened and my husband, for the first time, felt a real part of the labour side of things.”
- Sue Roberts

About The Common Knowledge Trust

Common Knowledge Trust is a registered New Zealand charity set up in 1996. Our goals and objects are: To promote the understanding and tolerance of diversified health issues/wellness systems in relation to the individual, families, groups, societies and cultures: locally and nationally (and internationally).

We seek to:
- Promote the conservation of diversified health/wellness knowledge.
- Educate people in the diversified health/wellness knowledge known by culturally diversified groups.
- Promote ‘Common Knowledge’ approaches in regards to the health/wellness of individuals, families and cultural groups

Common Knowledge Trust encourages the sharing of traditional and indigenous health and wellness information worldwide.

The Birthing Better Course is just one of the Common Knowledge Trust’s initiatives, and takes this mission to grow a skilled birthing population very seriously because all Birthing Better families know that we can birth better because these skills cross over all boundaries and borders of culture, race, beliefs and religions and regardless of where or with whom a woman births. And Common Knowledge Trust has carried forward the skills fathers have passed on from conception to birth and through birth into fathering.

All proceeds of the sale of the resources of Birthing Better with The Birthing Better Method® go directly to further the aims of Common Knowledge Trust.