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Personal Skill To Become Calmer In This COVID-19 Crisis.

As humans we have two nervous systems: The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.

The Sympathetic Nervous System helps us deal with high levels of stress via: fright, flight, fight or freeze. Our body goes into survival mode, our blood vessels constrict as do our air-waves.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System helps us to become calm and opens our blood vessels and airwaves.

When we have trouble breathing and hyperventilate our Sympathetic Nervous System becomes highly active.

Dr. Buteyko developed a breathing technique to help people who over-breathe or hyperventilate. The Buteyko Method is used around the world by those suffering from all forms of over-breathing.

This will NOT cure or eliminate COVID-19. This technique is NOT a substitute for getting yourself to the Emergency Room if you suspect you have COVID-19 and are feeling short of breath.

This skill MAY or MAY NOT help you calm down during this trying time because all of us have to find a way to stay calm and centered while our world is turned upside down.

LIsten to Dr. Price to also become reassured Dr. Dave Price working Intensive care in NYC in the hospital at the centre of the COVID-19 epidemic. He’s reassuring, calm, clear, kind and direct.

A must watch. https://vimeo.com/399733860?fbclid=IwAR3lqKNbosXlf7XyK3Oos0mz0uIvjopefNpVlu1bQ3seOnv4I39SVMBV3Q0

And here are other skills you might like to put in place for yourself

1. Start gargling 3-5x/day with gargle of choice: warm/slightly salty water; dilute lemon juice, mouth wash, over-the-counter

2. Clean the inside of nose with slightly salted water either with Neti pot or snorting 2 drops/nostril 3-5/day

3. Only warming foods and drink. Sip warm water every 20-1 hour if mouth is dry

4. Drink 3 liters of home-made oral rehydration: a little salty/a little sweet (whatever you want to use). Drink more if mouth is dry

5. Suck herbal lozenges when needed

6. Fresh ginger warm drinks

7. If cold use hot water bottle or glass bottle filled with hot water wrapped in towel

8. If you have zinc take that daily

9. Hot shower every evening

10. Any signs of oppression in chest with shortness of breath put a small amount of Vicks up your nose, block one nostril and breathe into that side of lung until you feel that strong odour has penetrated. Do the other side. My experience is that this virus does not like strong odours. I felt much better after doing that.

11. Of course add anything else you want on top of those things.