Birthing Better Online Birthing Classes

Birthing Better: Online Birthing Classes and Skills for All Parents

Birthing Better Online Birthing Classes

Do you want to know how to prepare for the birth of your baby?

The Concept: It’s commonsense and beneficial to self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills in pregnancy then use those skills to work through the activity of birthing our baby no matter the circumstances. We all birth better
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Childbirth preparation is a crucial step in ensuring a positive and empowering experience for both you and your partner. At Birthing Better, we offer a wide range of resources, techniques, and online courses to support your vaginal birth after caesarean journey.

ALL Birthing Better Skills Were Developed Equally By Fathers And Mothers. We loved learning in our home. We had positive births in all types of birth. Each specific online birth class has the most targeted Birthing Better modules as well as added content.

Here are our Truths:

  • 100% of pregnant women will give birth one way or another without exception.
  • Giving birth is always an activity each woman does with her baby without exception.
  • Fathers and mothers developed skills to prepare our pregnant body to open up, create space, and be soft inside.
  • We developed birth and coaching skills so we could work together through the activity of birthing our baby no matter where our birth occurs, who is present, our individual circumstances or beliefs; our choices, lack of choices or change of choices; and no matter what happens to and around our birth.

We birth better when we use our skills to birth our baby.

Birth Preparation And Birth Skills Online Classes

Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy

Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy


After 5 births, you’d think I knew how to do it. I dreaded them, got through each one and hated each birth. My husband was useless and devastated. Birthing Better skills changed our lives. Do the work.”

Samilla and Kevin

“Birthing Better skills are hands-on practical and right up the alley of dads who want to know how to help their lady birth. No one told us skills were needed. I was told to just ‘support’ her. Please don’t go into your birth without these skills.”


“ Birthing Better teaches that birth is something you do, not just something that happens to you. With that realization comes the ability to learn the skills needed for an easier and more controlled birth.”