Body Skills short course online

Body Skills Short Course

Body Skills Short Online Course


Lesson One

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Welcome to Birthing Better body skills to prepare your pregnant body to give birth as well as skills you might use during your birth. Preparing your pregnant body for birth are some of the most important Birthing Better skills. These skills help your baby to come down, through and out your body.

  • Audio: Prepare your pregnant body Mp3
  • Video: Introduction to Body Skills Short Course
  • Video: Introduction to Fathers
  • Video: Understanding The Pink Kit eBook
  • PDF: Original Pink Kit eBook

Know your pregnant body

Lesson Two

WATCH, LISTEN AND READ: Birthing Better skills were all developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers. Without a doubt Birth Stories often reflected a need to develop specific skills that might prevent issues such as: back labor, stuck baby, pain in pubic bone or hip. These skills focus on your bony pelvis.

  • Audio: Body skills Mp3
  • Audio: Birth equals plumbing Mp3
  • Audio: Shape of pelvis and birth Mp3
  • Audio: Create space in your sacrum Mp3
  • Audio: Move your tail bone Mp3
  • Video: Discover your Birthing Body
  • Video: Work with your Birthing Body
  • PDF: Body Structure Overview

Learn about your soft pelvis

Lesson Three

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: In the last lesson you learned about your bony pelvis. Every bit of us is tied together with our connective tissue. You’ll learn how to soften the soft tissue inside your pelvis. In reality, most people (birth professionals and birthing women and expectant fathers) have NO idea how we (Humans) actually articulate our bony pelvis with the use of our soft tissue. Look more toward body-workers!

  • Audio: Relaxing inside your soft pelvis Mp3
  • Video: Work with your Soft Pelvis
  • PDF: Soft Pelvis


Lesson Four

WATCH, LISTEN and READ: Many of the positions taught in childbirth education classes are great for you but not your baby! Your baby is working to be born. Your job while you’re giving birth is to open up, create space and have the mobility that makes it easy for your baby to come down, through and out of your birthing body.

  • Audio: Positions Mp3
  • Video: Position your Birthing Body
  • Video: Position Birthing Body 2
  • PDF: Birth positions

Your baby’s birth passage

Lesson Five

LISTEN: Your baby has to move through your bony pelvis, open the soft tissue of your cervix and then move down, through and out your vagina. Prepare your baby’s birth passage in the right way. Reduce trauma and improve recovery after birth. Of all the Body Skills in Birthing Better, it’s the Internal Work that is the most important if you ‘re planning to labor and have a vaginal birth.

  • Audio: Internal Work Mp3
  • Audio: Prepare your baby’s birth canal Mp3

Tension, Relaxation and Pain

Lesson Six

WATCH and READ: The Elephants in the room … how to recognize and reduce tension; how to increase relaxation and how to cope and manage pain while giving birth.

  • Video: 4 Types of Tension
  • Video: Manage your Tension
  • PDF: Tension
  • PDF: Relaxation
  • PDF: The Hows and Whys of Pain
  • PDF: Working with Pain
  • PDF: Positive and Negative Voice

Special message

Lesson Seven

LISTEN and WATCH: Your baby is giving you a message throughout labour. Now you can read your baby’s messages so you can use effective positions to help your baby open you up and move down, through and out. We’re also going to say Goodbye and hope you’ll purchase the other Birthing Better short courses and learn more wonderful skills.

  • Audio: Reading your baby’s messages Mp3
  • Video: Inspiration about Your Birth Skills