Home birth or Hospital birth

Choosing between home birth or hospital birth is a very challenging decision

Choosing between home birth or hospital birth really comes down to:

  • Sense of safety
  • Environment

When we bring those two elements together, every woman wants to birth in the safest place in case there’s an unexpected problem. Every woman would like her place of birth to be pleasant.

Women who can choose a Birth Centre or Maternity Hospital seem to have the best of both worlds but both are few and far between. More than that … they usually only accept women who are low risk and will probably have a normal birth. That leaves out most pregnant/birthing women.

A pregnant woman is classified as low or high risk and therefore may be limited or pushed toward one place of birth or another.

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How passionate are you about achieving a successful VBAC? If you’re like Birthing Better families, your passion can feel like desperation. A VBAC represents a deep, primal fulfilment.

The passion and determination of Birthing Better families is why Birthing Better skills are so practical, effective, work and have a depth and breadth.

Skills found in no other childbirth method

Your VBAC is all about your ability for your baby to come down, through and out your body.

There are THREE SKILL-SETS  in Birthing Better:

  1. PRACTICAL PREPARATION HANDS-ON SKILLS: How to create space, mobility and softness in your pelvis and baby’s birth passage: Hip Lift, Sacral Manoeuvre, Sit-Bone Spread, Tailbone Movement, Mapping Your Pelvis, Pubic Arch Spread, The Pelvic Clock, Internal Work, Kate’s Cat and Baby Friendly Positions
  2. PRACTICAL BIRTH MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Skills to cope, deal with, work through, manage, stay on top of and remain in control over labor contraction pains: Sustainable-Directed Breathing,  Deep Touch Relaxation, Non-verbal/Verbal Communication, Internal Work and Positive/Negative Voice how to bring the body skills into birth as needed.
  3. SOFT SKILLS: These are the skills that tie the hands-on and practical skills together throughout your VBAC: 5 Phases of Contractions, 2 Birthing Behaviours, 2 Birth Plans, Tension, Relaxation, Dealing With Pain, Staying in NOW and Progressing Labor 

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