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Are you a money conscious person and not certain you want to purchase the whole Birthing Better online course? That’s ok and why our charitable Trust has broken up the resource into the three basic skill-sets. Take one step at a time, see if you like these body skills then you can purchase one or both of the other courses.

The question many pregnant women ask is: ‘Why should I prepare my body for birth?’

Most expectant fathers just say: ‘I know her body (sex)’ or ‘Birth is Women’s Business’ or ‘Let me dive in. Wish I was pregnant’.

Birthing Betters give you the ability to come together as a family using a set of skills that are universal to our human body. We can finally speak a common body language. Besides the skills are absolutely practical (developed by other fathers) as well as giving the birthing women skills for all the questions she has (developed by other mothers).

You want birth and birth-coaching skills because you are doing the ‘activity’ of birthing your baby. No surprise … the stork does not bring one. You also want to prepare your pregnant body to do the activity of birthing your baby because you want a safe and reasonable birth experience.

You’ll learn these skills:

  • Map your Pelvis … which is the shape of the outlet of your bony pelvis so you know what space your baby is moving through. This is a fundamental skill for all the other skills.
  • The Pelvic Clock … softening inside your bony pelvis. Helps cervical dilation.
  • The Hip Lift … How to create space in your pelvis side-to-side for your baby. Help baby turn if posterior and inside the pelvis. Easy back labor.
  • Sacral Manoeuvre … Create front-to-back that creates space and know the shape of your sacrum because your baby has to pass it.  Reduces back labor. Helps with cervical dilation.
  • Sit Bone Spread … if 2nd stage is delayed use this skill
  • Move your Tail Bone … if yours is long or curved, this is one of the skills you need to know.
  • Open your Pubic Arch … if yours is narrow your baby needs to use the back space of your bony pelvis.
  • Body Positions … you might think you know which the best ones are. Honestly you don’t. We didn’t so we developed position skills that make sense to your baby not just you.
  • Tension, Relaxation, Pain and Self-talk … lots of skills in this lesson
  • The Internal Work … how big is your baby’s head? Size of grapefruit. You’ll learn exactly how to prepare the soft tissue of your vagina. Start at 32 weeks and 5 minutes/day. Second stage becomes easy. Also heals previous vaginal tears.
  • Read your baby’s messages … once you know the messages then your skills make sense. HINT: Contractions getting longer, stronger and closer together every two hours or so means your baby is happy and not hindered by internal tension, the position you’re in nor is your pelvis compressed.

Enjoy and welcome to our Birthing Better skilled families.


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