Soft Skills for Pregnancy and Birth



For goodness sake … what are ‘soft skills’? The best answer is to say what they are not in regards to Birthing Better. Soft skills for pregnancy and birth are NOT all the body preparations skills in the Complete Skills course or the Body Skills short course. Soft skills are NOT about the breathing, communication and touch skills found in our main course or the short course with these skills. Soft skills bring all these other skills together.

Birthing Better soft skills focus on diverse skills such as teamwork and how to wrap that amazing set of skills into working with pain during birth. Birthing Better soft skills are all about using your skills no matter where you birth or type of birth.

These soft skills help you create both a Skills-Based Birth Plan along with your conventional one, clearly understanding the three roles in birth or learning how to recognize and choose positive birthing behaviours instead of negative ones.

If you’re already comfortable with your pregnant/birthing body as well as breathing, communication and touch but need to bring all of these together … this course is for you.

What You Will Learn:

  • Orient your unique life with these universal skills for all births in Lessons 1-3: Birthing Better families developed birth skills for their birth. They will work for your birth.
  • Learn the diverse skills in Lessons 4-6: Birthing Better families developed heaps of skills. These are the ones that tie all the skills together.
  • This is a ‘do’ and ‘practice in Lesson 7: The Internal Work is an absolutely essential skill. Practicing most of these skills can be done while you’re doing other things.


What did I like best about this course? We wanted a home birth but I was terrified of birthing in hospital. I wanted a natural birth and was overwhelmed by the possibility I’d have a c-section. I learned skills to use in any birth that I actually experienced. That was transformative.”

CeeCee and Carl

“For me this course gave me a full understanding of the pain I expected to have during labor and exactly how to handle the pain. The hand-out on Positive and Negative Birthing Behaviours was absolutely brilliant. My partner and I took the list with us and I was able to assess how I was coping. It was a great tool.”


“ Teamwork was what we lacked. We had been taught and I had read that his role should be to support me, my choices and protect my birthing space. Besides being airy-fairy, that’s not what I wanted him to do. I needed him to help me. Thankfully we found this course just before our fourth and last birth. WOW!”

Tamara and Scott

Content in Lessons:

Lesson 1 to 6

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